Welcome all Ferrarichat insects!

Yes, you ARE a Ferrarichat insect...a loser wasting your time here (ha ha).

Stupid means predictable.

So, stupid, now you can run back to your "friends" at the chathole and make insipid remarks about me (the tin foil hat bit is old, try something new, moron). Because we want you to "fit in" with the kind of sick bastards who were hijacking web servers in Fort Worth and Fort Collins in 2007 and directing denial-of-service attacks at my company's web server for weeks(completely unsuccessful) with coordination by Rob Lay and help from one or two net-holes that Lay works with in the Dallas/Ft Worth area.

Thanks to losers like YOU, this web page has the following status on GOOGLE:

Thanks to losers like YOU, Rob Lay is known!

Being a chatroom clown, you probably don't have a CLUE what the driving difference is between a GT-3 and a C8 (you don't know what a C8 is? I was one of the first guys- out of the factory- to drive the first C8 delivered in the US!) Can you describe the difference in the gearboxes of an F430 and a Murcielago (they're the same units, but with different gearing and software).

The reason the morons in F__ckChat bozo hell hate me... is that I -DO- know the differences!

I own both these cars, and drove the new 911 Turbo S 11,500 miles, in three time zones and on two race tracks in five months (it's the 27th Turbo S delivered to the US).

Eat your hearts out... I get invited to Europe to test these cars and write about them.

And you? You're jerking off at F___ckchat with photos of "chicks and Lamborghinis"!

Yea, I'm "Mr. Exotic": I do test and evaluation ENGINEERING driving of exotic car part prototypes:

Stories about me and my cars are becoming cover articles of magazines.

Mister Exotic has found his next car (and a dealer who can get it to me by spring of 2012- with no mark up): The LP700-4 Aventador!

Sorry F___ckchat loser, as interssting as I am... I've got other things to do now.

I have to be able to pay $378,000-410,000 for the above Lambo, which will be parked in my new $2-4 million hillside home in LA (paid for by the three motion picture/video game/book deal that my first book is evolving into!)

Please buy that first limited edition book and make me richer!

And have a really nice day!

...now "buzz along" insect! Go tell your loser "friends" at F-ckchat what you think of me!

(like we care)

ha ha ha! Dasvedanya, Idiotee!