The American
Declaration of Responsibility

(revised January 19, 2001; 2200hrs Mountain Time)

We the People of the United States,

In order to confidently express the evolving nature of American Leadership
(starting at home with the leadership of our own lives, as responsible citizens)
We shall each strive to express and conduct ourselves responsibly.

We shall also elect Responsible and Responsive Political Leadership
To represent us in the making and administration of Our Nation's laws,
Creating in this new century, a new sense of ownership and pride in Our

"Networked American Government" !!!

Our "Networked American Government" shall meet Our needs.
It will be both Responsive and Responsible to us
And We shall be involved in its formulation...from the local level... to county and state levels...
then to the federal government, which shall represent us and ensure
Our place in the world.

Derived from We the People,
Our success as a responsible Nation of Laws will hopefully set a confidant example for all the people of the world, earning their respect and confidence.

As Americans, we seek to give back to the world, the responsible fulfillment of hundreds of years
of "American dreams":
The dream of equal opportunity for each person to create a better life and live free within the law.

Thus, as Americans, we give back to the world...the world from which all Americans came...
In the sincere hope that We can offer a mere example of SOME success...
which all people, everywhere, can regard-- in creating their OWN successes.

As We have found our success as a Nation of Laws, We the People say,
"God Bless America and All Life on this, Our Spaceship Earth"

John A. Guthrie III Rock River, WY
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