TO: White House Policy Office (fax#_ _ _ - _ _ _- _ _ _ _)September 16, 2001
FR: John Guthrie, Rock River, Wyoming

WAR-by (terrorist) BLOWTORCH.

This is not a "Hot war"... It's not a "Cold War"... This is a war by those who wield a TERRORIST BLOWTORCH, fueled with money and supplies by those who hate the values that Americans cherish: Human independence, freedom of thought, liberty of action and success of human endeavor... all shared by the majority of the people of the world.

The terrorists we fight want to use their blowtorch to cut our nation (and our allies in the above) into shreds of their former selves; And to then force us to weld ourselves back together... as fortresses, betraying our belief in the basic goodness of people, undermining the values we cherish and thus exposing us as hypocrites to the world. America can not betray the trust of the families who have immigrated to our shores for 200 years! America is a diverse nation of immigrants from all over the world. We are a nation of laws, made from the ground up, by WE THE PEOPLE. Thus, we shall prevail in the fight.

What terrorists don't understand is that because America is a nation of immigrants, America loves the world (from which all Americans came). And that's why America will now become MORE engaged with the world: As we stamp out this terror by trying to make the world we all love a calmer, safer and better place to live and raise families and earn economic freedom and success in. Because America loves the world, America will now fight back.

In order to "blow-out" the terrorist blowtorches, worldwide, America must not only go after the sociopaths who wield these blowtorches...We the People must ALSO go after those who supply financial oxygen and logistical fuel to these lowlifes (who literally live in caves with rats because no good person would want them in their homes).

Here at OUR home, we "Free Americans" should now give the police and fire personnel of our communities a break. We should not speed down the highways or run red lights...or show up in airports with knives or guns! Don't vandalize houses of worship or hurt anyone. We must demonstrate for the world that American leadership derives its strength from the ground up: With good citizenship and good laws, which We the people have enacted in City halls, in State legislatures and in Congress!


To help America's efforts in fighting this Terrorist Blowtorch, John Guthrie of Rock River, Wyoming offers the national leadership "Molecular Economics Technology";

...which people at Sandia Labs' Technology Transfer group view as a possible "Next TCP/IP" and which some really smart people published this year at the Center for Nonlinear Dynamics in Economics and Finance at the University of Amsterdam. Guthrie has identified economic security TECHNOLOGY THAT ALREADY EXISTS: At U.S. National Labs, in industry and in universities. All that is needed now is REAL LEADERSHIP (like this letter) which calls for putting these ALREADY PAID-FOR TOOLS to work!

From these existing national resources, America can demonstrate its concern about the economic conditions that have led to regions of the world being breeding cesspools for terror. Molecular Economics promises the ability to detect, resolve, track and forecast current economic activity--without "Police state" intrusion. It can spot economic crisis conditions before they occur. And since we American taxpayers have already paid for it... we'll be the first to benefit from the creation of a global economic tracking solution that:
A. Helps good people better-succeed in small businesses and large.
B. Preserves the natural environment--from which all wealth is derived.
C. Provides law enforcement a "backdoor" to spot-- then investigate with court order-- possibly criminal patterns of economic behavior (that ANY citizen should be worried about... like why is a "non-farm-related" individual in Kansas, buying tons of explosive fertilizer and diesel fuel?).

If America's "War" on the Terrorist Blowtorch is to succeed, it requires us to do more than just "kill the terrorists" and destroy the financial oxygen and logistical fuel tanks that support the MANY terrorist blowtorches in the world. Because, unless we create a better way of tracking the economy and forecasting the future, terrorists (and communities supporting them) will emerge, stronger and more vicious in the future, because of our oversight. Finally, America's "War on Terror" must also address the global economic infrastructure and find ways to make the economy of the world more efficient...bringing billions of new "middle class" people, worldwide into positions to stifle the extremism that allows terror today. God Bless America AND the World in these moments.