Here, "It's all about the car!"

... one of the most powerful non-race Ferrari 550's in the world.

Because during the summer of 2006, this 1997 example became
the test and evaluation mule for prototypes of tuned exhaust components from Europe, Canada and the U.S.

The weeks-long process of coordinating the fabrication of prototypes, fit-testing and final installation of this tuned exhaust system was done by the master Ferrari mechanic, Dave Helms, at Scuderia Rampante, Boulder, Colorado.

The hand fabrication of prototype catalytic convertors and x-pipes was done by
Hyper-flow which resulted in a tuned exhaust that may be only 5% less efficient than race-only straight pipes.

Video of awesome (before/after) performance increase

One guest driver from Salt Lake remarked that the 550's acceleration performance exceeded his 575M's. The 550's mid-range power is now well over 500hp (from a stock 485hp) and the stock 420 foot pounds is now about 450 foot pounds.... with the torque curve going all the way to 7,000 rpm - instead of hitting a plateau around 5,000rpm!

OK, so there's more to Wyo550's life than "The Car"!

"Honey, it's not 'just a car''s a V-12 Ferrari 550 Maranello GT!"


Background on Ferrari 550 model
Origins of the Ferrari 550 Maranello
(including descriptive links to Ferrari North America's web site).
500 horses on the loose, with music!


550 Adventure Timeline


2008 Spring Fling


2008 Spring Fling


2006 Spring Fling


More Yellowstone Park and Last Lap track event at PPIR, Colorado Springs


Delivery and first summer's excitement in Yellowstone National Park and PPIR track


p> In November, 2004, my little 550 was chosen as "Showoff of the Month" at,
a website with over a million members!

And a month later, it was chosen "Car of the Month" at Ferrari Haven!

"Yes officer, I'm an egotistical hotdog in a Ferrari!"

Strike a pose!

And yes, purists, I'm putting MILES on the car as fast as I can!

July, 2004: Delivered with 11,300 miles
End of 2004: 17,300 miles
September 4, 2005:

Three weeks later...

End of 2005 Season: 27,600 miles

Three years later:
August 4, 2008...50,000 miles

NUTS with "resale value"!
THIS Ferrari Maranello is DRIVEN!!!

Here she is, powering through the infield S-turns on the PPIR track at Fountain, CO

The Swiss duo, YELLO!

(the official European band of the Yellow Maranello)

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