Ladies and Gentlemen....
BoyZ & gURLS!!!


Tom Mix, the silent movie icon...
The cowboy hero...
Stepping out of the colorful 19th Century...
Right through the fleeting moments of the 20th...
And on... into the black and white space... of our digital future...
beyond the "Veil" of the Millenium!
First painted by John Guthrie in 1988.

"Tom Mix, Transcending the Veil"

11" X 17" Limited edition, giclee' print
$49 plus shipping
Millenium Cowboy Tom Mix Transcending the Veil
Click on above image to see detailed enlargement (140K GIF)

Each print is 11" X 17" and is hand-finished in copper and silver, then signed and numbered in silver ink by the artist, John Guthrie.

Wholesale price, direct from artist: $49, postpaid, anywhere in the world!
Framed cost is $90; plus $15, insured shipping.

Edition size, 1,000, naturally!
And $5 from each sale of each print will be donated by the artist, to the
Wyoming Territorial Prison and Old West Park; Laramie, Wyoming! (link at bottom of this page)

"TOM MIX" has been seen on ABC and NBC television stations... coast-to-coast;
Even seen on TV in Moscow (Russia--not Idaho).
Tom's been spotted in Brazil... on iddy-biddy phonecards...
And also 56ft tall...on a drive-in movie screen, outside Laramie, Wyoming!!!
Tom is known to "hang out" in some of the nicest homes...
in places like Vail, Paris, Malibu!

The image portrays the movie cowboy, Tom Mix,
stepping out of the movie screen...into the future.
As Tom passes through the fleeting moments of the 20th Century,
he wears a cut on his mouth, since "talkies" killed this silent movie hero!
Wearing the colorful values of the 19th century as he "transcends" the 2-D screen/present, Tom is stepping into the outer-space, black-and-white, 3-D, digital future that awaits us all, beyond the Veil of "The New Millenium".
Behind Tom, the shadow figure leans-away, perhaps nostalgic for a now-past life... and suggesting reincarnation.

Speaking of "Out of this world"...

(FOB for UFO pickup of Tom Mix to OTHER worlds is the McGuire "UFO Ranch" north of Laramie! :-)

To inquire or to place an order, Email
Or call/fax 307-742-7117
Or write "TOM MIX, P.O. Box 7474, Laramie, WY 82073"

"The Millenium Cowboy" is the perfect "Y2K" holiday gift,
as we all "Transcend" the 20th Century...into a great future, "Beyond the Veil!"
Keep on Truckin!!!!
Here are more examples of John Guthrie's art.
And HERE is what he's "Painting" for U.S. National Labs!!!

Remember, the artist will donate $5 from the sale of each print to
The Wyoming Territorial Prison and Old West Park; in beautiful Laramie, Wyoming!

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