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2020: The future of the Wyo Theatre

2019: Donation to community and Boomerang defamation

2018: The Wyo owner moved to New Zealand

2017: Building attacked, utilities shut down

2016: Decision to sell- never reopen.

2015: Family attacked outside cinema

2014: "Saving" the BS "business"

2000-2014: The circus of owners, all losing money

1989-2000: The decline of downtown and The Wyo

1949-1989: Heyday of the Wyo, two screenings a night, 7 and 9pm

1925-1949: The earliest years


Whatever the Wyo becomes in the future following its donation to the downtown non profit, the building will forever be the home of "the Guthrie Stage" for any live performances (any stage, any staging: including all Black Box performances and/or temporary staging/production of any live performance)

"Guthrie Stage" is now a binding property/ venue marketing and advertising requirement: permanently registered in Albany County as a binding deed and title restriction.

The Good old Wyo Theatre in Laramie actually died- forever- in the summer of 2014.

Back then, in April 2014, a new corporate owner of the Wyo Theater discovered the cinema was not only a hopelessly unprofitable business venture, but it had become a corrupt "clubhouse" for entrenched employees who smoked weed and drank beer in the balcony after the regular evening performance ended(watching DVDs on the 'big screen" via a projector that apparently belonged to the manager)..


Despite being given 20% raises, the staff refused to say "Thank you for coming to the Wyo" to customers (this refusal was led by employee clubhouse manager James McLaughlin. One employee stated that her free speech was being infringed (being told what to say to customers at work). She was fired that minute and is now exercising "free speech" on her girlfriend in New Orleans.

The cinema was closed (permanently as it turned out) after a hand written theft contract (written by manager Mclaughlin) was discovered in the office by the cinema owner, "I _____________, a former employee of the Wyo Theatre in Laramie Wyoming, hereby take posters which I understand belong to the distributors or producers and therefore cannot be resold," was the opening line of the contract. Mclaughlin was planning on organizing the entire staff to quit en-masse the following week. The owner changed the locks the morning after discovering the theft contract.

In retaliation for being fired as janitor (week one) then locked out of the building entirely (week two) as manager James Mclauglin began the first round of internet defamation and hate which was soon joined by two "musicians": Laramie Boomerang editor Cameron Maris and Laramie taxi sociopath (fake named) Matther Brammer.

, is back in Laramie- aparently unable to be employed by cinemas anywhere in MD or CO- and he's weaseling around the internet, promoting himself as the best manager candidate for the future (read 2022 or 2023) reopened Wyo live performance and upstairs 70 seat cinema theater-although the existing design preliminary doesn't show consideration for audio speakers or projection

The Wyo Theatre will always hold a special place in the former owner's mind. He discovered particle consciousness resonance, holographic faceting of "perceived reality" and the effect of binding gravitational fields (on consciousness) within social communities defined by time/place... all thanks to the good old Wyo! This is really cool theoretical s___ and definately worth $300,000 in illusion of "loss" to achieve!

Here's "Steve" (as he became known in Laramie Boomerang Letter to the Editor submissions attacking Snowy Range Taxi's lies in print). Steve's ungrounded particle-like existence in Laramie demonstrated the relationship of an isolated -ungrounded- individual, drifting through a community's consciousness field effect (socializing in the boozy downtown environment of Laramie). Steve gathered intelligence in bars and conversations on the hatred being formulated against the Wyo Theatre owner by KOWB and Laramie Boomerang.

"Steve" (who went by the name of "Huck Barry") showed up at the front door of the cinema, days after getting off a freight train ride from Sacramento! In fact, he'd overshot Laramie and went to Cheyenne- then caught a wetbound freight back to his target city. He studied Spanish online from University of Arizona.

Here's the cool non-linearity of this episode: less than two weeks before "Steve" showed up, the owner of JAG dreamed of a "night watchman" showing up at the front door! It turned out that "Steve" had already been in Laramie for a couple days... and had already been ripped off on a taxi ride by Snowy Range Taxi...whose pretend owner "Matthew Brammer" was into the fourth month of being the #1 enemy of the Wyo Theatre. The joke on Brammer was that "Steve" started responding to the Laramie Boomerang-published crap in support of "Brammer" and ripped the taxi sociopath a new asshole in front of the entire Laramie community!

By then, the Boomerang's editor, Cameron Maris had already formed a civil conspiracy with Brammer to damage the cinema. Likewise, KOWB had allowed Brammer to become a news source for a "controversy" which Brammer himself had started to damage the Wyo Theatre. By December 2014, Brammer and Maris were conspiring online to damage the Wyo Theatre financially and the newspaper web site was hacked by them to allow Brammer to defame book sales of the JAG Real Estate owner (as Brammer also did in December, 2014 on Amazon).

Matthew Brammer's other hobby is stalking pregnant girls online, telling them to kill themselves...and publishing this himself! Total sociopathic scum, elevated to co-conspirator by Laramie Boomerang editorial staff! .



Crown Theatre is built for vaudeville and cinema performances. It was owned by Jesse Burbank, who also then-owned all Crown Properties at 5th and Grand, including Crown Liquors (still across the street from the cinema).

1949, the Crown is sold and re-branded as "Wyo Theatre" with new architecture and facade.